White Aluminium Oxide

With 99% purity, White Aluminium Oxides are a little bit harder and durable abrasives with its white colour in accordance brown aluminium oxides. White Aluminium Oxides have a resistance that can be used for a long time, high hardness and at the same time they have structure that can be able to resist the high pressures and resistant to the wearing. White Aluminium Oxides are suitable for wet and dry blasting applications and most common materials using in blasting applications, manufacturing of abrasive stone and abrasive for grinding.

White Fused Aluminium Oxide Application Fields

  • Cleaning of cylinder covers, valves, pistons in the automotive industry and turbine blades in the aircraft industry
  • Preparing and cleaning of surface before metallization, coating, welding and painting
  • Removing paint, dust and rust
  • Dulling of metal and non-metal materials

Aluminium Oxides are commonly used in various fields such as pipes and pipe lines, surface roughening before teflon and coating, flat glass and glass decoration works, paint removal and mould cleaning of metal and non-metal surfaces, cutting of stone, marble, granite, manufacturing of abrasive stone cutter, abrasive and refractory industries, ceramic industry.