Glass Bead

Glass Beads are produced as forming spherical by mixing cullet with alkali and lime together current in heat ovens. Because of their hardness and spherical structure, glass spheres are used for removing metal oxide residues without damaging surfaces to be cleaned in surface cleaning operations. Glass Beads don’t enter any chemical reaction with other materials. Therefore, are used perfectly on surface operation such as wearing, surface cleaning, polishing, mould cleaning and on operations requiring attention and especially don’t be required chemical reaction. Especially, are used to obtain decorative surfaces.

Advantages in terms of Health and Environment

Glass Beads have no hazard in terms of health and environment. They don’t have any connection with any diseases connected silicon caused silica sand. There is no toxic and carcinogenic effect. Due to not to enter any chemical reaction with any other materials, are completely healthy choice for surface operation.


Physical and Chemical Specifications


72,00 – 73,00 %


3,50 – 4,00 %


13,30 – 14,30 %


0,80 – 2,00 %


0,20 – 0,60 %


0,08 – 0,11 %


7,20 – 9,20 %


0,20 – 0,30 %

Chemical Structure
Hardness: 6 Mohs

Particle Structure: Spherical

Melting Point: 7300 C

Specific weight: 2,60 gr / cm3 = 2,60 kg / dm3

Specific Density: 1,60 gr / cm3 = 1,60 kg / dm3