Blasting Consumables

Brown Aluminium Oxides belongs to the group of brown electro-corundum. They are produced by melting with high temperature in electric arc as as reduced melt from calcareous bauxite. It does not contain normal corund iron. This product has brown colour and high resistance. Its structure is high hardness and at the same time can be...
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With 99% purity, White Aluminium Oxides are a little bit harder and durable abrasives with its white colour in accordance brown aluminium oxides. White Aluminium Oxides have a resistance that can be used for a long time, high hardness and at the same time they have structure that can be able to resist the high...
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Pink Aluminium Oxides are an ultrapure product and most important specification is having excellent cutting quality. Chrome oxide in the content of pink aluminium oxides, is a higher level compact material according to white aluminum oxide. Abrasive stones for grinding stones produced with pink aluminium oxide provide the best processing results. These products aggressive abrasive...
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Application Fields Tt is a suitable material to use for cleaning, deburring, coating, and dust-rust removal and blasting before painting, coating, powder coating, anodizing processes of iron, non ferrous metals to be processed roughening and re-processing Used in cleaning of thermal spray metals and carbon waste of jet and diesel engine parts and also used...
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(Shot Peening) Steel Cutting Wire to increase resistant of material Application : To increase the resistance of the material (Shot Peening) Products: 1.1212 (C58D2) 1.1242 (C72D2) to 1.1253 (C76D2) 1.1262 (C82D2) to 1.1265 (C86D2) Upon your request, can be produced as different products. Production Standards / Current Standards: VDFI 8001, DIN 8201-4, ISO 11124-1, AMS...
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Stainless Steel Grits General Specifications Stainless Steel Grits- GRITTAL Stainless Steel Grits- GRITTAL; is most important blasting abrasive used in cleaning of surface profiles, development and improvement processes, on all aluminium parts, zamaks manufactured by pressure casting and non non-metals, special alloys and manufacturing and casting of stainless steel parts. Moreover; is a successfully applied...
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