About Us

Since 1964, Fetas Metallurgy is a leading company in their sector providing various kinds materials of surface treatment machines for manufacturing and many sectors For the purpose of to provide to our customers which are been in Turkey and in abroad by most appropriate conditions, all kinds of abrasive stocks are available in our factory.

On the subject of surface treatment machines and their consumables, you can find products of the leading companies in wide alternatives at Fetas. By our blasting, shot peening, vibration facilities which are established in our company, workshop services have been provided to our customers.

Shot Peening, Blasting and Vibration seminars that have approved and certificated by FAA are given in our company All of our staffs have been focused to find fully compatible solution of technical and economic requests of our customers .


As Fetas, our vision is to keep holding the leadership of sector by continuously improving fulfillments of our national and international customers, employees and shareholders, increasing quality, team works and social responsibility in variety with professional working policy, accompanied by extending the market share in Turkish Metal sector.


Mission of our company is to maintain the trustworthy corporation identity and innovator position by analysing the global dynamic of the sector to maximum advantage. Also, giving value to requirements, requests and expectations of our customers by being multiproduct, environment-friendly and occupational safety and health caring company are among our missions.

World's Abrasiv